Our last days

We arrived back in Budapest around 1:30 checked into our new Airbnb and went to a Vietnamese restaurant for lunch. Glad to be back with ethnic food choices.

Our first stop of the evening was my favorite place the ruin bar Szimpla Kert for a beer.

Then to a speciality cocktail bar called Hotsy Totsy.

We ended our evening at a Cuban bar.

Saturday one day left. We started out the day going to a number one breakfast restaurant in Budapest. The restaurant was a bit crowded and we had about a 20 minute wait. The food was exceptional. We then went on a search for a scooter/bike rental place.

I rented a scooter and Elenita rented a bike. For the next two hours we road along the Danube a fun time.

At 4:00 we took a tour of the opera house which is currently under restoration. We were not able to see the auditorium section. However, we could explore the lobby areas and hear the history of this wonderful building. At the end of the tour we saw a mini opera performance.

Ok back to our place for a rest and then a our last night on the town. We decided to not make reservations. Our goal was to eat at a Mediterranean restaurant.

We stopped for a beer and then walked toward the restaurants. Since we did not make reservations both Mediterranean restaurants were booked. We ended up going to Barcelona tapas restaurant Vicky Barcelona which ended up being a wonderful experience with the best waitress. Sangria, fried manchego with artichoke, tabouli, chicken skewers and pigs cheeks on polenta.


A town 2 hours north of Budapest in the heart of the Hungarian wine country. The main square in the day time and at night.

Just relaxing.

Views from the castle.

We took a little sightseeing train to The Valley of the beautiful woman. The wine country.

Lunch time.

Back in town walking along the creek.

In front of our Airbnb is Minaret.

The Eger minaret is an Ottoman era minaret tower located in city. It is the most northern minaret left from Ottoman rule in Europe. The minaret is 40 metres (131 feet) high and built from red sandstone. It was built in the early 17th century as part of the Djami of Kethuda mosque and used for the Muslim call to prayer. The mosque no longer exists, but the minaret survives as a preserved monument of Hungary and a major tourist attraction of Eger. There are 97 steps on the spiral staircase inside, which leads to a balcony at 26 meters from the ground offering unique views of the surrounding city. Elenita decided to climb to the top.

We decided to go to the number one restaurant and were we ever glad. Elenita had a fish dinner pike-perch which is an Eastern European fresh water fish.

I was more than happy with what I considered one of my best meals. Duck Breast in a plum sauce with dots apple, cranberries and potato croquets.

Back to Budapest for our last days.

Our days alone in Budapest

We wanted a few days alone in the heart of this beautiful city. This is our Airbnb in Budapest. We will be here for two days before taking the bus to Eger a small town north of the city on Wednesday for two days and then returning to another Airbnb for our last two days in the city.

A very relaxing day today. We discovered a Ramon Noodle place for some take away and went back to apartment ate and watched a show on prime video. Life is good. This Airbnb was $93 for two nights.

The ancient city of Pécs

We start our 2 1/2 hour drive by taking a car ferry across the lake. The ferry took about 20 minutes. The majority of our drive was on country roads through small towns.

Our drive went through a lot of farm land and with about 15 kilometers left we climbed into a mountainous region only to be dropped into the city.

Welcome to Pécs.

After lunch we went to our Airbnb and checked in. Elenita and I then went exploring the old town of Pécs.

Pécs is an ancient city in southern Hungary, close to the Croatian border. Founded by the Romans, it’s known for its architectural landmarks such as the Early Christian Mausoleum, which features frescoed tombs. Vast Pécs Cathedral towers over central Szent István Square. The domed Mosque of Pasha Gazi Kasim was built in the 16th century during the Ottoman occupation of the city and is now a Catholic church.

By chance we discovered a fabulous restaurant for dinner. We were standing outside reading a menu when one of the employees convinced us to come in. We ended up having one our best meals.

Elenita had a salmon steak over citrus fennel vegetables. I had two good size duck legs over a barley vegetable mix. Everything was exquisite.

Lake Balaton, Hungary day 2

This morning Elenita and I took an early morning walk around the neighborhood and discovered some ruins.

Later we all decided to go to the other side of Lake Balaton to a natural thermal lake in the town of Heviz. On our way we stooped at a very small family run winery that has been in the family for three generations. The owner was a sweet man who offered a cheese plate of homemade cheeses and some ham. We tasted about 8 different wines. All the wines were white and varied from dry to semi sweet.

We probably spent a good hour at this winery and ended up buying 2 bottles per couple. A very memorable experience.

We continued our drive toward the thermal lake.

We finally made it to the town of Heviz an the thermal lake.

Back in Tihany for dinner.

Small town in Hungary

Today we are driving to the town of Tihany in Lake Balaton for a few days and then off to the town of Pécs. We arrived in Tihany around 11.30 and were able to checkin to our Airbnb early. We then walked around this cute town and had lunch.

Our beautiful Airbnb.

The town is small and cute.

Lake Balaton.

A paprika store.

Vienna the last day

Today Elenita and I went out for a morning walk through the neighborhood. This is one of the nicest Airbnb and neighborhoods we stayed in.

In May Elenita and I were in Mendocino at an Airbnb when we meet a family from Vienna. When we told them we were going to be in Vienna in September they suggested we get together. Today we all met for dinner at fun Brewery restaurant.